Saturday, June 30, 2012


Yeah, yeah, I took a six month hiatus. Jail time. What can I say?

I didn't really go to jail. But I DID get in major trouble for a certain misdemeanor.  Had to do community service and everything.

Salad bowls are right up there with Faberge eggs and Maltese falcons, apparently.


I am becoming remarkably bad at maintaining my own body temperature. I feel very much like a lizard.

This would not be so bad if I WAS a lizard - if I got too hot, I could just lounge in the shade. if I got too cold, I could go bask on a big black rock.

Except I'm not a lizard and I don't have any big black rocks.

Since it is summer and I'm privileged, my house is well air-conditioned.  This is something NOBODY SHOULD EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT.  But here I am, pathetic as all get-out, catching a draft while dozing on the couch.

I've learned to simulate the warmth of a basking rock indoors without the ungainliness of installing a gargantuan solar-heated slab in the living room and distressing other family members.  Solution? Jackets. I own 3 of them, all of different materials, thicknesses, and gradients of black. And if I find myself EXTRA chilled, I can rotate between them, layering even.

A small level of toastiness has been attained indoors.