Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garter Snakes

I brake for garter snakes.

Driving up north last year, I stopped the car because a big one was basking in the middle of the road.  That part is understandable - who wants to run over a sleepy snake? That's just rude.  But I did manage to park the car and get out and follow it until it escaped into the roots of a tree.

It doesn't matter what I'm doing or where I'm at.  If I see one, I will stop whatever I'm doing and attempt to snatch it.  No matter how mature I've grown, the sight of snake plunges me into child mode where my only goal is to GIT IT!!!  Just last weekend, as I get out of the car in my Easter-Sunday Best, I noticed a slithering motion in the patch of grass next to where we parked.  I was on the ground before I even realized what it was.

These occasions of snake sighting are usually few and far between, but I have seen two in the past week!  While most superstitious people would find this as a bad omen, to me, this is the best of luck! I have less than five days until summer break and the past few weekends have been gorgeous and I've been blessed by the presence of some rather adorable sneaky-snakes.  

This summer's gonna be good.  I can feel it in the air when I flick out my lil forked tongue.

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  1. I caught one during a Nels Christensen class a few weeks ago. So cool!