Thursday, August 11, 2011

Table of Grossness

I saw something recently that has puzzled me greatly and almost continues to do so on a daily basis.  Whilst leaving a rest area on another one of my summer trips, I noticed a nuclear-style family in the small park across the way.  The parents had placed a blanket-esque tablecloth on a picnic table and were laying their small infant atop it.

What was going to happen next was unclear from the distance I viewed it. Either they were about to devour their child...

Or they were going to change the baby's nastily-clad diaper right there on the table.

Both of these actions are quite unethical.  Infanticide is like tiny murder and cannibalism has always been frowned upon by society, yet changing a pootful diaper on a surface intended for food is just grossly irresponsible.

Because I am weird about babies (having no experience with them whatsoever), when I need to decide if a family is destroying their baby on a picnic table or destroying a picnic table with a baby, I have no clue which is truly more unethical.

Since I don't condone cannibalism of defenseless mini-people OR dining surfaces covered in latent crap, I'll probably just resolve this situation by never sitting at a picnic table ever again.

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