Monday, March 14, 2011

Alter Ego

You'd think that I, a person with a twin an already strong and well-developed personality, would not find the psychological need for an alter ego.

You'd be wrong.

Over the past year I've developed a character into which I can transition with ease during situations that require me to react in ways I normally wouldn't.  My alter ego can speak in an ebonic accent.  My alter ego will swear at complete strangers.  My alter ego tends to wear ridiculous slutty mismatched outfits and 80's hairstyles.  My alter ego is not afraid to start fist fights with 6'-7' men.  My alter ego can even answer the phone when I don't recognize the number that's calling.  Anybody who's known me longer than a couple years would know I WOULD NEVER DO THAT LAST ONE, EVER.

This alternate personality, who refers to herself in the third person as "T'tanka", has come in handy quite often.  When people claim they've seen me where I shouldn't be, I simply say that must have been T'Tanka.  During times where I've missed meetings, I'll blame T'Tanka for being a bad secretary and scheduling me incorrectly.  You get the idea.  T'Tanka is the summation of all the characteristics inside me who lack responisibility and does not care about her reputation.


I've recently put T'Tanka on a break considering all the responsibilities I can't afford to shirk this semester.  But this week is Baby Week for my sorority, and I've received a request for T'Tanka to make an appearance as a delivery person.

This is the outfit T'Tanka has picked for tonight's errands.

She's a bundle of fun, that alter ego of mine.  I miss her.  Maybe I'll break her out more often than I anticipated this semester.  No worries, I'll be safe.  T'Tanka on the other hand... she'll do what she wants.

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