Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm okay with the fact that it's March but not okay with the fact that it's not warm yet.  Spring break is days away and my plans for Canada look equally if not colder than how it is right now in Michigan.  I really wasn't expecting much different, but I hold out hope for a slight thaw, just for a day or two.

I always think that something magical should happen when February ends and March begins.  The nasty frigid -uaries are over and the succinctly-named months begin.  Shouldn't there be some sort of event to galvanize the transition?  I think that at the stroke of midnight, a beeeaaauuutiful hopeful lil' flower should shoot up and emanate rays of sunshine. Not a lot of light.  And not for long.  Just a few minutes of bio-luminescence is all I'd need to know that spring will soon be sprung.

For all I know this COULD be happening annually.  The sunrise frost probably wipes out Lil' Miss Over-Enthusiastic every time.  Poor girl.  Winter makes me realize that I am quite thankful for my circulatory system.

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