Friday, March 18, 2011


I don't know how or why but there's a big ol' ugly housefly in my room right now.  And I can't find it.  It was buzzin' around the window last night, I know, because it was loud enough to disturb my sleep.  I mostly forgot about it until just a minute ago I heard it and ran over to see if it was stuck or something.  But it wasn't there.

Where could it be? I haven't seen it flying around.  Wherever it is, it's disoriented, and it keeps running noisily into its surrounding obstacles. It's quieting down now. It's settled in some mystery place, probably to die, only to be found weeks later in a disgustingly mummified state.  Naturally the first thing I think is that it's somewhere important to me.  Like, on my pillow, near my toothbrush, or in a cashew. Basically anywhere that needs to be sacredly clean for me to stay sane and would be perma-contaminated by the presence of a dead bug.

Even worse to consider is that it's hiding someplace too close to me for comfort, completely alive, and plotting.

What could flies want to plot?! I better find this thing before it finds me.

1 comment:

  1. flies always do that ominous hands-rubbing-together thing. it's definitely somewhere near, plotting.