Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Meal

This past Saturday, a few friends of mine were awake and hungry far before our usual noon-time brunch.  Being a band of warriors in search of a breakfast fit for our appetites, we all decided on McDonald's.  Warrior fuel, indeed.

Upon entrance I immediately scan this month's theme for Happy Meal toys.  It's a habit of mine: for the first 15 years of my life, going to McD's simply meant new toys.  Not so much emphasis was on the food.  I can't even tell you how many times as a lil' kid I got a kiddie burger, ate a bite, opened the toy, spit out the pickle, and gave the rest to my dad.

Anyway so I run into  McD's and marvel at the Happy Meal toys.
"OHHH MY GODDD LOOOOOK SUPERHEROOOES!!!" I whine, admiring at all the colors and varieties, bouncing up and down like a kid.  I seriously considered getting one til I realized I was a big girl and Happy Meals did not have 3 Egg McMuffins as an option... yet.

We ate our various breakfast sandwiches and enjoyed each other's company.  The place was quite quiet at the odd hour of day.  As it approached a more lunchlike time, people began to appear in the restaurant. As we left I noticed a kid ran in and marveled at the toys.  He was seriously wiggin' out over the potential combo of Batman AND Robin.
"Look at that lil kid," my roommate said with an adoring tone in her voice. I scoffed and said something about how stupid and obnoxious kids are. "Whadda they think, they're here for just the TOYS?!"

My roommate burst into laughter.  "Hayley! That was the first thing YOU did when we walked in here!"  And she was right.  My roommate called out my 19-year-old tuchus for doing the same dang thing as a 4-year-old only 20 minutes ago.


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