Monday, April 25, 2011


There's a small patch of land behind the dining hall with a very tightly niched ecosystem.  Trees, grass, and squirrels all coexist, relying on people to keep the plants well-kept and to throw the food upon which the squirrels thrive.  People throw things like apple cores and banana peels and stale cookies.  You know, the usual dining hall rejections that nobody is willing to hold onto long enough to find a decent trashcan.  So, to the squirrels they go!

Lately I noticed that somebody has been throwing entire oranges back there.  As if they took one look inside the peel, remembered they hated oranges, and chucked it at high velocity towards the nearest tree trunk in disgust.  It was interesting at first when there were two or three oranges out there, but now...

Squirrels, you'd think, would enjoy these oranges, but they still seem quite whole and there are less squirrels in the area than I remember. Almost like oranges are invasive species upon the squirrels.  In the competition for space, are these oranges MURDERING SQUIRRELS?!

On a more serious note: What? Is it some sort of... trend? Or a plague? I'm not sure what to call it. And it could be more than one person doing it.  I wish I knew their motives.  Nobody hates oranges THAT much without doing something a little more mature about it.  Seems like a pretty ineffective way to speak against the commercialism of oranges.

Well. Anyway. Whoever is doing this, I commend you on your attempt at chaos, but you need to do a lot of work if this is going to develop into a major scheme.

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