Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rewarded for Procrastination

I should be writing a textual analysis paper.  But I'm not.  I've been procrastinating for weeks, days, and hours now.  I have about 8 hours to turn it in.  It'll get done, of course, but not before I push all my limits.

I wouldn't procrastinate so much if I wasn't continuously rewarded for it.  Despite producing horribly last-minute and slip-shod work, I keep getting decent grades.  It's like goofin' off pays off.  I can live in a world like this.

The ultimate reward came tonight.  Instead of writing my paper all day, I slept. I got in a good 18 hours.  Guilt eventually settled in so I sat down at my desk, typed six words of an introduction sentence, considered which books I'd need to consult, and then decided I was ready for a break.  I went to dinner and attended a three-hour play before actually sitting down to get serious.

I think it was at this point that the Karmic wheel in the sky took notice of me.

Within moments I realized I was severely lacking energy and went down to the lobby to buy myself a soda.  Err, a pop.  Soda-pop.  Anyway, I bought a Pepsi, and as it was vending, I heard several clunks and thuds and bumps.  The flap seperating me from my sugary carbonated drink was jammed shut! Refusing to accept this I punched it until it loosened.  To my ultimate surprise I had been vended not one but THREE PEPSI PRODUCTS.

That's right.  Karma noticed that I needed some caffeine for my fateful night of paper-writing and granted me three doses of caffiene for the price of one.  Sky-wheel, you spin in some odd directions, but I praise you nonetheless.

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