Friday, April 1, 2011

new pet?

I'm finally committing to it: I'm buying a pet snake.  I've been saving up my money and selling my valuables for a while now and it just seems like the right time.  I've already called in to my hometown pet shops and found the best deal ever.  The instant I'm home for Easter I'm gonna pick him up at the store.  I'm investing in an adooorable baby ball python.  I will raise him to be big n fat.  I'll train him to eat gross things and sit on my shoulders all day.  Maybe he'll even do both at the same time!

Dreams DOOO come truuueee.  I'm struggling with where I'm gonna put him in my dorm since leaving him at home is never going to be an option.  Also... I have no idea how I'm gonna smuggle him into my dorm room in the first place.

Seriously though. I'm pregnant. Surprise!

If you can't tell yet this is an APRIL FOOL'S DAY post.  Calm down, mom. :)

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