Sunday, February 13, 2011


I guess I take commissions now, but mostly only from my friend whom we'll refer to as Yucky.  Yucky was once stranded somewhere and needed her boyfriend's brother to pick her up.  Realizing the need to thank him, Yucky asked me to draw a dinosaur for him as a sort of small thank-you present.  Here's a pretty accurate MSPaint-version of the final result:

I signed the masterpiece and varnished it with a kiss.  There was a smooth hand-off outside of a study hall the next day and as time passed I figured Yucky had given her rescuer the picture without any screw-ups, hiccups, or other destructive ups, and I would soon be hearing praise for such a wonderful gift.
Til I got a message on Facebook from her boyfriend's brother, simply saying:
"Did you draw me a pic of a sultry velociraptor?"

Apparently, Yucky's perception of his schedule did not match his actual schedule and any chance encounters fell through, leaving her no choice but to shove the drawing under his door without any explanation.  As far as he knew, I was sending him a creeptastic lil' present that some less chill people would find worthy of a call to the local law enforcement.  Luckily with a bit of explication from Yucky's boyfriend, all was resolved and laughs were had. Aha, ahaha, haaa.
Anyway, yeah, I'll take commissions if I'm in the mood. It may cost ya though...! (Nahhh, it won't!)

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